Talk gives peep at paradise

There’s a rare chance of a glimpse into the Rothschild’s private family garden at a Cotswold talk this month.

Gloucestershire writer and designer Mary Keen will explore Eythrope in Buckinghamshire in an illustrated talk at Sapperton.

The garden is renowned for its standards, use of traditional techniques and sheer scale that sees it producing year-round flowers and produce for the family’s country house.

Mary, who writes for The Telegraph and Garden magazine, has just published a book on the garden, ‘Paradise and Plenty’, which not only pays tribute to Eythrope but also outlines some of the cultivation methods used there.

Her talk, organised by the Yellow Lighted Bookshop, will be held in Sapperton Village Hall on Friday November 27 at 7pm. Tickets are £7.50 in advance, which gives £5 off purchase of the book, and can be booked on 01666 500221.

‘Paradise and Plenty, A Rothschild Family Garden’ by Mary Keen, photography by Tom Hatton, is £50, published by Pimpernel Press.