Kitty makes her debut

Every gardener loves something different and several new introductions have been launched at the Malvern Autumn Show.

Among them are two clematis from Floyds Climbers, based in Calne.

‘Kitty’ is the perfect container plant at around 4ft-tall with a mass of white flowers. Happy with any aspect, it will flower from May to September and is hardy down to minus 20.

Clematis 'Kitty' Malvern Autumn (640x480) 2

“In the first year, cut it down to six inches and after that just tidy it up,” advises Marcel Floyd, who has been growing clematis for 30 years.

Also new is ‘Freedom’, which has beautiful pink blooms. It will grow to around 8ft in height and flowers in May/June and again in August/September.

Clematis 'Freedom' Malvern Autumn (480x640) 2

Such is the appeal of ‘Kitty’, Marcel had sold out at Malvern by lunchtime on the first day, although plants are still available online.


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